Ferndale, here we come.

October 08, 2014

Check out our new store, Barlean's Fishery.

Barlean’s Fishery is open year round to buy and sell seafood. They can guarantee the most direct source of wild salmon. Additionally, they buy halibut, dungeness crab, spot prawns, oysters, and clams directly from local fishermen or shellfish farms. By buying direct, their quality is superior without the added costs of expensive brokers, traders, and distributors. With this reputation of their excellent quality, and the ability to buy the finest seafood locally, many restaurants in the Bellingham area are proud to serve their seafood to their customers.

If you want the best and freshest seafood, check out Barlean's! You won't be disappointed.  While you are there, pick up some of our product. merry them two together and you have your perfect meal!

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