Wally's Quality Meats - Colorado

November 13, 2014

Coloradans are loving the Willards Kitchen spice rubs and seasonings! We've partnered with yet another store in the Rocky Mountains state. We welcome Wally's Quality Meats as a new retail partner of our product line. Wally's Quality Meats is a locally owned, old fashioned butcher shop. If you want to buy high-quality meats from a local family business, who care deeply about their products and their customers, try Wally's!

In addition to all the best in beef cuts, Wally’s offers fresh Red Bird chicken, pork, lamb, veal, buffalo, elk, pheasant, quail, ducks, geese, seafood and deli meats and cheeses. They also offer a tasty selection of homemade sausages, homemade bacon and, of course, our hugely popular homemade beef and buffalo jerky. Wally’s also carries a wide variety of sauces, rubs, glazes, marinades, and condiments. Many of which are locally produced.

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